Kiosk food Siberia crLast summer, with all the sanctions set in place against Russia and the resulting counter-sanctions, some pundits in the States were predicting food shortages for Russians. Such has not been the case.

Store shelves are as full as before, with pretty much the same selection of foreign products. Soft drinks, alcohol, pastries, canned and bottled goods, shampoos, cleaning products—all of these and more EU-made items are very much in evidence.

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All right, so we can’t buy Polish apples or Dutch pears. Plenty of other sellers from the Mideast and Central and Eastern Asia have taken up the slack. In fact they were here all the time. Now they have the market to themselves. Oh, yes, there used to be American chicken. I haven’t checked to see if they still sell this or not. No matter. There’s plenty else. Meanwhile, anyone who’s so inclined can still drown his food-sorrows in a box of Gallo wine.

Produce for sale cr

The single really noticeable effect of food sanctions is the slight shrinking of the cheese section. Imported cheeses from Europe are now limited and costly. Selection from among domestic varieties is good, however. In short, there’s nothing to complain about. Except rising food prices. Sound familiar?

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