The Russian poet Alexandr Pushkin wrote a lot about autumn. In his novel in verse Eugene Onegin he beautifully sums up the nature of the season in Russia:

Golden fall has come;
Nature, trembling, pale,
Is luxuriantly decked out like a sacrifice.

This is certainly an apt description of fall in Siberia. Here there are many trees in many varieties, some of them indescribably beautiful in the fall. It certainly provides a contrast to the long winter, when everything is covered in white.

Here are a few images of fall in Novosibirsk—particularly, in Akademgorodok, the community where the seminary is, and Nizhnaya Yeltsovka, where I live.

Maybe the fall is spectacular where you live as well. Yet in the Siberian context, both weather-wise and color-wise, it makes a needed contrast with green summer and white winter.

Enjoy Siberian fall vicariously with me!