In the jet age one can go around the world in much less than 80 days. But should it take 60 hours to go halfway round?

Once again I’m about to leave for Novosibirsk. As a rule, this trip takes some 30 hours. This time, because of really awkward flight scheduling, it will take twice that long. Today I leave early morning, only to enjoy a 15-hour day in the Seattle airport. Then an overnight to New York, where I’ll have the privilege of lounging about JFK for 12 hours or so

After that things will move along normally, more time being spent in the air than in the airport. New York to Milan, Milan to Moscow, Moscow to Novosibirsk in reasonably short order. Five flights in all.

Still, it seems ironic that a full half of this trip will be spent on the ground, all in the interest of economy.

It’s good that I’ve learned to sleep on planes. And sometimes in airports. Still, there’s no substitute for a bed, and I’ll be missing mine for awhile ….