Novosibirsk is in the throes of a typical March snowstorm. It’s really coming down. For days now the ice has been covered with a new layer of snow–very treacherous for walking and driving.

None of this will last long, with the high temperatures hovering a few degrees below freezing. In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying winter in spring.

This will probably repeat itself a few more times. It’s what will make the spring thaw that much more interesting.



2 Responses to Spring Snowstorm

  1. Well, I guess you have to get used to that but I couln’t. Here, in 2010, in NJ we had that  ice with snow on it and both of us fell. It was scary and dangerous. Right now we’ve had warm, unusual temps all across the USA. Should I tell you this? Today 76 high and tomorrow 79 high? Too warm, really but the past 2 weeks have been great for getting in the gardens here. (Hope that I don’t make you feel too badly!)

  2. BTW- It looks like TV antennas on the roofs there! We don’t have them anymore around here very much. Odd to see.