It’s mid-December, and so there should be no surprise that the temperatures in Siberia are in the double digits below 0. The display here is in degrees Celsius. Most of these temperatures aren’t quite as fierce as they appear, since “0” on this scale is actually +32 Fahrenheit. 

Oh, but wait! The two scales meet at exactly -40. So when the temperature is below that number, as it is right now, the Celsius temperature actually looks warmer than the Fahrenheit. (Each Celsius degree is 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit.) Here’s what the current temps look like in “American”: 

That’s right! For the third day in a row the morning temperature is below minus 40. I’m wearing so many layers of clothing that I walk like a mummy out of a bad horror film. In such temps, standing at the bus stop for half an hour is serious business.

Even the natives complain about this extreme cold. They’ve canceled schools. But university students and seminarians are considered old enough to cope. So for me, life goes on as usual.

Where’s the bright spot in all this, you ask? Well, it’s that a warming trend is coming. 

Right now, -25 (F. or C.) would be welcome. It would be like spring!